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Role Play 2 | Korruption

Role play 2:
Bureaucratic procedures

About the role plays

The role play films show 3 fictional corruption cases as part of everyday life in a developing country.

The films give an impression of the kind of corruption situations that you as a Dane/ foreigner may encounter in a developing country – regardless of whether you are there as a student, tourist or business representative. Situations that you might find yourself in without having initiated any corrupt acts or offers.

The 3 cases are based primarily on interviews with citizens in Accra, staff members from local anti-corruption movements and interviews with Danish business representatives in West Africa.

How to watch the cases

The films can been watched together or independently, but should been watched in chronological order. The films demonstrates why it can be difficult to avoid corrupt acts and what the consequences of giving in to corruption might be.

Each film is a realistic situation, where an actor addresses the camera directly.
You – the audience and player – are encouraged to acts that may or may not be corrupt. You are given a set of response options and you have to chose which reponse you will give. Afterwards you  can watch the films response to your choice.