About the project

Corruption – the challenges of modern society – is a digital learning material intended for Danish secondary schools.

The subject is corruption and its impact on society especially in developing markets.

Corruption is a key element in global economy.  Understanding the nature of corruption is essential in order to understand the development or stagnation in a country. According to the Confederation of Danish Industry, global corruption is one of the major hinders to economic and social development.

The consequences of widespread corruption are serious:  violation of human rights, impairment of democracy and legal systems, growing inequality, organised crime and instability.


This material focuses on corruption in developing countries and growth markets. Ghana is chosen as an examle of a democratic country where corruption has a negative effect on society as a whole and on economic growth.

However, the issues and stories in the films apply to many developing countries and growth markets. Corruption as a hinder to growth and democracy is not limited to developing countries.

Denmark is among the least corrupt nations according to Transparency International’s corruption perception index. But also in Denmark there are cases of facilitation payment and corruption in the public and private sector.

The material consists of text material and 5 short documentaries and 3 role play situations. The text material and films are produced by Batavia Media ApS in 2016.

The idea and concept is developed by Globale Gymnasier, Transparency International Denmark and Batavia Media ApS, with the assistance of the Confederation of Danish Industry.

The project is funded  by Danida, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and by The Danish Ministry of Education.